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Stop in and let a Whizard make you the best CHEESESTEAK you have ever had. While the WHIZARD is the best seller, we have 22 other incredible cheesesteaks/specialty sandwiches to choose from!

Image: The Whizard

The Whizard

Image: Plain


Image: Festival Fries

Festival Fries

Image: Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries

Image: Buffalo Ranchero

Buffalo Ranchero

Image: Loaed Mashed Potato Bites

Loaed Mashed Potato Bites

Image: Cajun Fries

Cajun Fries

Image: Bacon Mushroom

Bacon Mushroom

Image: The Alpha

The Alpha

Image: Cubano


Image: The Italian

The Italian

Image: Honey Seared Ham

Honey Seared Ham

Image: Mac & Cheese Bites

Mac & Cheese Bites

Image: Red Hot Chicken Nacho

Red Hot Chicken Nacho

Image: Fried Mushroom

Fried Mushroom

Image: Teriyaki


Image: Pizza


Image: Cheesesteak Nachos

Cheesesteak Nachos

Image: Breakfast


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